What parents are saying

As a parent, did you feel comfortable with the supervision / staff / logistics at camp?

“Very comfortable…you had excellent staff and lots of them.” “It was great…I loved the mix of adults and responsible teens.” “Wonderful! Teacher student ratio was exceptional and then there were the counselors too.” “Very comfortable…this is the only camp that has signed my kid in and out.” “I found everyone to be very professional and responsible.”

Parents, did your child talk with you about the activities we did during camp? If so, are there a few highlights that stand out in your memory?

“My daughter came home very enthusiastic each day.” “He couldn’t stop talking about it.” “Both daughters literally beamed with excitement when telling us about their days.” “Yes…the very first day my son never even made it to the car before he started gushing about his day – he was so excited he would have slept there if you let him.”

Overall, did the camp meet your expectations?

“This camp exceeded my expectations” “The camp was great and exceeded our expectations. It offered a nice mix of “thinking” activities and muddy activities.” “Well organized, coordinated, and nice supportive approach and follow up with students.” “The camp was better than we expected and it was a total positive experience.” “The camp was by far the best we ever enrolled our sons in. I was amazed at the depth and variety of activities which were offered.” “The camp went beyond our expectations. The planning of and carrying out of your schedule was excellent.” “I am very impressed with your program…I was surprised by how quickly you’ve been able to put together such a professional program.”

Anything else you would like to say about your camp experience with us this summer?

“Thank you for the scholarship! It made this camp a possibility for our daughter” “I loved it. I think it was perfect.” “My daughter loved it and plans on attending again.” “This is the best camp to which we have sent our children. the attention to detail in the planning of the day to day running of the camp activities paid off – sign us up for next year!” “I thought it was a wonderful camp. I loved the fact that they were outside in all weather enjoying the world and each other…the staff was fantastic.” “Our daughter was thrilled each morning to go to camp.” “It inspires kids and helps kids learn.” “It was the most professionally presented camp we’ve attended.”


“My son had a BLAST!!! He thoroughly enjoyed the day camp, pace of activities, focus on nature, and water play in the river.”

“My son had a real happiness and content about him each day at the end of camp – it was very satisfying to see how much he was enjoying himself.”

“CREA is be far my son’s favorite summer activity. He loved catching fish, playing trail games and getting in the river to swim. He has been so excited to show us around on the trails and fill us in on all kinds of info.”

“CREA is awesome! I especially loved the hikes and art. Andrew is really nice and awesome. Heather is great at art and loves to help me. Eliza is always happy! I had a great time with Madsy, Hilary, and Mel as well! See you next year!”

“We went to a mine tour at the Bumpus Mine in Waterford the weekend after CREA Camp and the tour guide was incredibly impressed with all the knowledge the boys possessed about rocks and minerals — they learned it all at CREA.”

“Having gone to farm camp several times, we asked our daughter which she preferred – CREA or farm camp. She said she liked CREA better because of all of the hikes/walks.”

“Our daughter really enjoyed her time! She had gone to CREA on a class trip and was very excited to attend camp there. She particularly enjoyed the turtle trap.”

“My daughter had such a great time that she is already planning to serve as a youth leader when she gets into high school.”