CREA Needs Volunteers

A large part of what CREA offers the community is made possible by dedicated volunteers who contribute to ongoing work or short, well-defined projects depending on their preference.

We are currently in need of people with the following skills and backgrounds:

  • Finance/Accounting – help with monthly bookkeeping
  • Library/Archiving – to help catalog the large volume of images we have collected over the years, to organize minutes and notes from past meetings, and act as steward of CREA’s history
  • Development/Fundraising – to assist with CREA’s plan to build a permanent fund, and help build connections with local businesses
  • Administration – to help with back office functions, including mailings, light computer work, putting up event posters, etc.
  • Ecology Center – staff Ecology Center occasionally during Sunday open house hours (12 – 2 pm)
  • Guiding – guide small groups from organizations visiting the Preserve, who would like a guide on the trails
  • Cataloguing – we are currently looking for someone to assist with cataloguing a mineral collection. Requires working with another person, at the Ecology Center, entering data dictated by the other person into a spreadsheet
  • Cathance Preserve data – compile/organize student research conducted at the Preserve
  • Photography – take photos at CREA nature walks and events
  • Events – help plan and prepare, sign people in, etc

Please contact our Executive Director director (at) to learn more.