CREA Needs Volunteers

A large segment of what CREA offers the community is made possible by dedicated volunteers, whether engaged in ongoing work or short, defined projects. Volunteers are welcome to choose to fill all or part of the responsibilities spelled out below.

We are currently in need of people with the following skills and backgrounds:

  • Finance/Accounting – to serve on the Finance Committee or provide periodic reviews of CREA’s financial operations
  • Library/Archiving – to help catalog the large volume of images we have collected over the years, to organize minutes and notes from past meetings and act as steward of CREA’s history
  • Development/Fundraising – to serve on the Development Committee or provide guidance in CREA’s effort to build and grow a permanent fund, conduct in-person outreach to local businesses, and to assist with grant writing and follow-up
  • Communications – to write press releases and handle relationships with print media
  • Communications – to help maintain and improve CREA’s website and social media
  • Adminstration – to work with the administrative/development assistant to help keep things on track
  • Membership coordinator – to work with the Development Committee and administrative assistant to seek new and renewing members for CREA

Please contact our Executive Director director (at) to learn more