Remembering Jim Wilkes

CREA is deeply saddened to announce that one of our own, Jim Wilkes, has passed away. Jim was an enthusiastic member of the Board of Directors and served as our vice president. He took charge of revising our by-laws and had them bound into a guide for Board members, and also created a detailed plan for potential future office space. Many of his marvelous photographs on the Preserve are contained in our website gallery, and in his book of wildflower photographs which he presented to the Ecology Center library. Even after leaving the Board to assume leadership roles at Midcoast Senior College, Jim remained engaged in CREA activities, and he and Nancy sponsored CREA as a business member of the Maine Maritime Museum year after year. We were most fortunate to have been a part of Jim’s life, and he a part of ours. His bright, thoughtful spirit of positive leadership and genuine friendship will always remain a part of CREA.

Times Record photo