Environmental Youth Leadership

What is an Environmental Youth Leader (EYL)? 

A CREA EYL is a student leader (10th through 12th grade) from a local high school who enjoys learning…and is often astonished by nature. These students are involved in occasional workshops and training by area professionals that provide enrichment opportunities in the areas of applied science, environmental education, and leadership. This is a part-time commitment that involves combining active fun (hiking/fishing/trail work) with leadership training in the areas of environmental education and related studies. We will launch new youth opportunities in 2019. Stay tuned for more information posted here, and if you are interested, please contact us: crea@creamaine.org


Financial Support from State Farm for Youth-Led Initiatives


The Cathance River Education Alliance is creating a three prong approach to local watershed education by creating a higher profile of our underappreciated nearby Merrymeeting Bay, monitoring a feeder river (the Cathance River) in a more thorough and systematic way with nearby Bowdoin College, and training environmental youth leaders and mentors from area schools to carry forth an ongoing mentoring campaign in the areas of watershed education and sustainability concepts. By creating relationships with our local schools, colleges, area professionals, and environmental organizations we are creating service learning opportunities for three school districts that will reap the benefits for years to come. Financial support from State Farm Insurance has been instrumental in getting this project off of the ground – like a good neighbor – State Farm is there!