2020 Mt. Ararat Student Research Enriches Understanding of the Preserve

CREA supports a class of Mt. Ararat high school students as it dives into field research at Cathance River Nature Preserve for eight weeks, studying everything from heath ecology to cattail dieback in a fishless pond.

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Preschoolers Revel in Over and Under the Snow

Learn the history of the Storywalk concept and how a group of local preschoolers reveled in CREA’s first hosted Storywalk.

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CREA Summer Camp: 2019 A Summer to Remember!

When was the last time you found a frog at your feet in the river, built a boat with your new best friend, did a solo-hike, or covered yourself in clay from head to toe? Been a while? If so, it’s time to come to CREA Camp.

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  • CREA’s Outdoor Learning Network October 15 - Many teachers crave time to brainstorm ideas about outdoor teaching and share their experiences, so CREA Educators conceived of the Outdoor Learning Network (OLN) - a forum for peer collaboration around outdoor, place-based teaching.
  • What’s Special about CREA Summer Camp March 21 - CREA adds new themes to our science and art-based summer camp curriculum, engaging young minds to explore, invent, and discover the natural world that surrounds them.
  • Place-Based Learning March 21 - Three foundations support CREA Educators' new initiative to help local teachers find new ways to take learning outdoors.
  • CREA Alum Baxter Worthing March 21 - Baxter Worthings' CREA experience inspired his avocation as a biologist as well as a passion for conservation and environmental education.
  • 2019: Spring Field Trips March 21 - Spring field trips to CREA by public elementary school classes get students outdoors - engaging them with hands-on, experiential science.