Polar Adventure in Pursuit of Climate Science

Learn how polar exploration can be part of climate research, hear the latest climate science, and get a glimpse of Maine’s climate in the coming decades from climate scientist, Dr. Paul Mayewski.

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CREA E-News: October 12, 2020

Check out the latest news from CREA!

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Introducing Wild Wonders – Outdoor Activities to Do at Home

Learn about our Wild Wonders activities that get children outdoors on days away from school.

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  • Preschoolers Revel in Over and Under the Snow December 12 - Learn the history of the Storywalk concept and how a group of local preschoolers reveled in CREA's first hosted Storywalk.
  • What is a ‘Puffling,’ Anyway? November 26 - Project Puffin brought Maine's puffin population back from the brink, after overharvesting drastically reduced their numbers, and became a model for restoring seabird populations all over the world.
  • 2019 Fall Newsletter October 29 - Learn how CREA Educators are helping teachers get comfortable in the outdoor classroom through the Outdoor Learning Network, read summer camp highlights, and more!
  • CREA Summer Camp: 2019 A Summer to Remember! October 16 - When was the last time you found a frog at your feet in the river, built a boat with your new best friend, did a solo-hike, or covered yourself in clay from head to toe? Been a while? If so, it’s time to come to CREA Camp.
  • Fall 2019 Letter to Members and Friends October 15 - CREA Educators teach a 4th grade class how to measure solar, wind, and water energy outdoors, just one example of CREA's rich, nature-based education programs.
  • CREA’s Outdoor Learning Network October 15 - Many teachers crave time to brainstorm ideas about outdoor teaching and share their experiences, so CREA Educators conceived of the Outdoor Learning Network (OLN) - a forum for peer collaboration around outdoor, place-based teaching.
  • CREA Thanks Our Sunday Volunteers October 15 - CREA's Sunday Sunday volunteers venture down Rensenbrink Way - rain, snow, or shine - to give the public a chance to see the fascinating exhibits and systems of the Ecology Center
  • Welcome our New Board Member October 15 - Susan Rae-Reeves' brings a life motivated by community building, political action, economic and racial justice, and preservation of and access to the natural world to her work as a CREA Board Member.
  • CREA Spring 2019 Newsletter June 1 - CREA Spring Newsletter 2019
  • What’s Special about CREA Summer Camp March 21 - CREA adds new themes to our science and art-based summer camp curriculum, engaging young minds to explore, invent, and discover the natural world that surrounds them.
  • Welcome Our New Board Members March 21 - New Board members with experience in finance and community development add depth to the CREA Board.
  • Place-Based Learning March 21 - Three foundations support CREA Educators' new initiative to help local teachers find new ways to take learning outdoors.
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Valerie Chow March 21 - Volunteer Valerie Chow finds multiple ways to enrich CREA's work and programs.
  • CREA Alum Baxter Worthing March 21 - Baxter Worthings' CREA experience inspired his avocation as a biologist as well as a passion for conservation and environmental education.
  • 2019: Spring Field Trips March 21 - Spring field trips to CREA by public elementary school classes get students outdoors - engaging them with hands-on, experiential science.
  • CREAtivity and ReCREAtion March 21 - Connection with nature provides health benefits, and activity and movement enhance creativity and happiness.


  • CREA Fall/Winter 2018 Newsletter November 1 - Explore the vibrant history of the Cathance Preserve, the wonderful education campers experience every summer, and more in CREA's Fall/Winter 2018 Newsletter!
  • CREA Spring 2018 Newsletter May 1 - Learn about the exciting StoryWalk features coming to the preserve, the amazing ecosystem in the Heath, and more in CREA's Spring 2018 Newsletter!


  • CREA Fall 2017 Newsletter October 1 - Read about exciting changes coming to the trail system, workshops done with local teachers, and much more in this Fall 2017 Newsletter!
  • CREA Spring 2017 Newsletter May 1 - Explore the wonderful world of salamanders, the work done by volunteers to teach the next generation of scientists, and more in CREA's Spring 2017 Newsletter!


  • CREA Winter 2016 Newsletter December 1 - Discover the programs CREA runs with local schools, the merits of a nature-based education, and more in this Winter 2016 Newsletter!
  • CREA Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter June 1 - Find out how the trails of the Cathance River Preserve are maintained and what you can do on these beautiful trails in CREA's Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter!


  • CREA Fall/Winter 2015 Newsletter November 1 - Learn about the creative ways you can interact with nature, how art and nature can become one, and more in CREA's Fall/Winter 2015 Newsletter!
  • CREA Spring/Summer 2015 Newsletter June 1 - Read about how nature can improve well-being, local high school students track the wildlife preserve (and find a bobcat!), and plenty more in CREA's Spring/Summer 2015 Newsletter!


  • CREA Fall/Winter 2014 Newsletter November 1 - Learn about the bridges used to cross the wetter areas of the preserve, the natural bridges animals use to traverse obstacles, and much more in this bridge-themed Fall/Winter 2014 Newsletter!
  • CREA Spring/Summer 2014 Newsletter June 1 - Discover the wonders of the natural world around the Cathance River, the benefits of a curious mind, and more in CREA's Spring/Summer 2014 Newsletter!


  • CREA Fall/Winter 2013 Newsletter November 1 - Learn about the research done on the Cathance River Preserve, the work done with other local environmental groups, and more in the Fall/Winter 2013 news!
  • CREA Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter June 1 - Read about the changes happening with CREA's staff, the outreach done by our organization, and so much more in CREA's Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter!


  • CREA Fall/Winter 2012 Newsletter November 1 - Learn of the special place that is our nature preserve, the impact of CREA's work on youth environmentalist Baxter Worthing, and more with CREA's Fall/Winter Newsletter!
  • CREA Spring/Summer 2012 Newsletter June 1 - Discover the geology and mining history of Topsham and the Cathance River Preserve, the fantastic work our volunteers do, and more from CREA's early 2012 news!


  • CREA Fall/Winter 2011 Newsletter November 1 - Learn more about the history of CREA, the impacts of our youth programs, and much more in CREA's Fall/Winter 2011 Newsletter!
  • CREA Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter June 1 - Explore the 230 acres of the Cathance River Preserve, collaborations with local schools and colleges, and much more in CREA's Spring/Summer 2011 Newsletter!


  • CREA Fall 2010 Newsletter September 1 - Discover the strong influence of CREA, the future of the Cathance River, and more in the Fall 2010 news!
  • CREA Spring 2010 Newsletter May 1 - Celebrate a decade of CREA, look for the rocks and flowers of the preserve, plus much more in CREA's Spring 2010 Newsletter!


  • CREA Fall 2009 Newsletter October 1 - Read about the BHS environmental club's success, Karin Tilberg's amazing speech on saving the Cathance River (and the world), and more in CREA's Fall 2009 Newsletter!


  • CREA Summer – Winter 2008 Newsletter June 1 - Discover CREA's Youth Leadership Program and summer camp, as well as our fabulous interns from McGill University and much more in 2008's CREA news!