Camp FAQ

What are the hours of camp? 

All weeks of camp for the 2020 camp season are 5 day weeks Monday – Friday. 

Drop Off : 8:30am – 9:00am (We ask that CIT’s arrive at 8:30am)

Camp Day: 9am – 3:45pm

2020 CIT Leadership Hour: 2:45 – 3:45pm

Camper Pick Up: 3:45pm – 4:00pm 

CIT Pick Up: 4:00 – 4:05pm

How will I receive information about camp?

This summer we’re communicating with CREA’s camp families via text messages through the Remind App. This app allows you to receive up to the minute information about camp, pictures from the camp day, weather plans, and even questions to ask your camper about their day.

 Download the Remind App

Once you have downloaded the app, search for our class:

CREA SUMMER CAMP 2020 or @crea2020

We’ll also be communicating via email in efforts to reduce our paper-footprint at camp this summer.

“We have been to many summer camps. Overnight even. We never really know what our daughter does at camp? That email and those pictures were awesome! Well done! No other camp does that.” – 2019 Camper Parent

Can I register for camp online?



Once we receive your registration submission and payment for camp, your family will receive a confirmation email. This email will include additional forms that need to be completed and submitted prior to June 2020.

During the day while my child is at camp, how can I reach camp staff?

We highly recommend emailing the Camp Director with any questions or concerns prior to the camp day. If you need to contact our staff during camp hours, please call (207) 331-3202 extension 4. The Camp Director will have access to this number during the camp day.

You can also message the Camp Director through the Remind App with a quick note – see details above.

The Camp Director plays an active role with groups during the camp day, please leave a message if they do not answer right away and they will be sure to return your call as soon as they are able.

Can my child arrive late/ get picked up early from camp?

Please contact the Camp Director to talk about these specifics. We will often make a special effort to accommodate parents’ needs. If you know in advance your child will need to leave early on a certain day of camp for an appointment, we can work with you to find a time when we know we’ll be at the Ecology Center so that pickup will be easy and quick.  If families show up without notice and expect to find their child right away, chances are groups will be off hiking in the woods and it will take some time to track us down.

Please realize that the morning arrival time and the end-of-day time are some of the most important times of day for coming together as a group. This is when we have our “Morning Circle” (when we discuss our plans for the day, play group games and name games, etc) and “Closing Circle” (when we debrief the day, share suggestions and hopes for the next day, recognize individuals who made a special contribution during the day, etc etc). These transition times of the day are especially important for your child to participate in so that s/he can really feel like a part of the group.

What kinds of camp activities can my child expect at camp?

Science & Art oh my! Each day campers will work on at least 1 hands-on science project and 1 creative nature-based art adventure based around the weekly theme. We also fill the day with active group games and nature exploration. Campers are also given an opportunities during afternoon “Choice Time” (4 days a week) to choose an activity that sounds most interesting to them! 

Choice time activities include additional arts and camp craft projects (friendship bracelets, dream catcher creations, etc.), active games, naturalist hikes, exploring the Heath while blueberry & raspberry picking, fishing in the Cathance River, and more.

Adventure activities include: Hiking on the CRNP, scooping for invertebrates in the vernal pool, catching frogs, cooling off in the Cathance River and exploring the mud bogs just to name a few!

Campers will also be introduced to some of the ongoing ecology research underway at CREA. Water Quality Monitoring at the river, Bat Detectors in the field, motion-sensor Wildlife Cameras in the forest, Turtle Traps in the pond. Campers will get the chance to engage in these ongoing research studies. 

6th – 8th Grade camper weeks will include longer hikes and more advanced science investigations.

Group games and camp songs are also an integral part of our day. Our staff is dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere, and building confidence and friendships are always a major focus of our weeks together.

What is a typical day of camp like?

Each day varies based on the theme of the week and the weather of the day. That said a general you can expect the following schedule:

  • Camper & CIT Drop off 
  • Morning Circle & Games 
  • Snack
  • Science Activity
  • Art Activity
  • Lunch
  • Big-Group Game
  • River Exploration
  • Choice Time
  • CIT Leadership Hour (CIT’s only)
  • Closing Circle 
  • Camper & CIT Pick up 

What does the schedule look like for Jr. Biologist & Sr. Biologist Weeks?

Science Immersion Weeks:

Our 2020 Jr & Sr. Biologist and Noble Naturalist programs are meant to serve campers who are looking for a more hands-on science centered camp experience. We will still begin our morning with group team building activities, but for the rest of the morning we will head out in the woods to investigate our research questions for the day. Each day will have a specific ecological topic to explore, and students will learn how to use a variety of tools and fieldwork techniques to approach the topic and collect specific data. Some days we might bring our lunches with us, as our schedule will be dictated by wherever the river (or bird or turtle, etc) leads us, and we may not come back to the Ecology Center until after lunch. Campers who enroll in this program should have an interest in learning more about the plants, animals, and ecosystems at CREA. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary; just a desire to explore, investigate, and get dirty!

During these science focused sessions nature-based art options will only be offered during afternoon choice time. 

Can my child bring electronics to camp?

We unplug! We ask that electronic devices be left at home. While at camp electronics are strictly forbidden. CREA is not responsible for any lost or damaged items and to avoid this, please do not bring any to camp. If an electronic device is found with a camper the Camp Director will place this in a locked area in the camp office for the remainder of the camp day until pick up.