Letters of Support

  • Brunswick Superintendent of Schools
    “Over the past 13 years CREA has grown to be an integral part of our science curriculum, through your programs in the classroom, outdoor education trips to the Cathance River Preserve and teacher training workshops.”
  • MSAD 75 Superintendent of Schools
    “Based on the successes of an intensive 2010-2011 partnership with our Woodside Elementary School, CREA’s experienced outreach and site educators are providing several of our elementary schools with a package of a three-hour long field experience, linked to in-classroom lessons that target teacher-requested objectives which are aligned with our science ‘Power Standards.’”
  • Stantec Principal Scientist Steve Pelletier
    “CREA’s ability to provide focused, high quality, localized outdoor educational experiences for students with terrestrial and aquatic studies is critical to opening the doors towards a better understanding of the natural world around us”
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe School Teacher Suzanne Viola
    “I am always so thankful for the excellent teaching that Cheryl Sleeper and Sarah Rodgers provide. They are professionals who really know their material and the lessons are well thought out and organized.”
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe School Teacher Steve Shea
    “Whether our focus is geology, biomes, or adaptations, the students come away with a new wealth of knowledge, an appreciation for the outdoors, and a smile on their faces.”
  • Stantec Scientist Adam Gravel
    “The combination of the sustainable education center that is operated on renewable energy sources, as well as a hands on approach to learning about the environment, is crucial for engaging young scientists that will ultimately be stewards of the future.”
  • Mt. Ararat Biology Teacher Glenn Evans
    “Clearly there is something very special happening at the Cathance Preserve that needs to be supported at all cost … It’s the best education story going in Midcoast Maine that needs to be allowed to continue growing.”
  • Mt. Ararat Principal Craig King
    “I have been a strong supporter of our school’s association with CREA because CREA does an excellent job of promoting the concept of experiential education.”
  • Brunswick High School Biology Teacher Andrew McCullough
    “I have brought honors level students, academic level students, and very low-level and behavior issue students to CREA and all types of learners have flourished there.”
  • Woodside School Teacher Marybeth Browne
    “When CREA educators come to the classroom, the kids feel like they are being taught by old friends.”
  • Karen Robbins
    “The students’ willingness to seek answers and try different solutions without a guaranteed return on their investment of time and energy, demonstrates that what CREA offers young people has greater impact than merely exposing students to the local ecosystem.”
  • SAD 75 Superintendent Bradley Smith
    “…these students have a unique opportunity to develop a strong foundation for becoming environmentally literate adults, especially critical in this time of growing environmental challenges.”
  • Angela Twitchell
    “I am always overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge that my children take away from summer camp when all that they think they are doing is “having fun playing outdoors.””
  • Woodside Principal Letter Page 1 | Page 2
    “For some children in Topsham, CREA might be the only “backyard” that preserves nature and guides them into learning about and appreciating scientific thinking in our natural world.”
  • Williams-Cone Principal Letter
    “What has impressed me most of all is CREA’s proactive approach to ensuring that their differentiated programming is directly tailored to meet the unique curricular needs of our school and our district.”
  • Town of Topsham Natural Resources Planner Rod Melanson
    “CREA’s preservation efforts served as a catalyst for the community to address and implement land conservation strategies throughout the Town of Topsham.”
  • Stantec Scientist Patrick Burke
    “Such forward-thinking educational programming in our community will help us approach innovative and lasting solutions to the issues of conservation, development and sustainability that we must face in the coming decades.”
  • SAD 75 Superintendent Michael Wilhelm
    “The programs in science, leadership and recreation have enriched our programs and have added value to the education that we can provide our students.”
  • Woodside School Teacher Jenn Pidgeon
    “CREA and its educators have provided our students with exactly the kind of community based curriculum support that they need to cement their learning.”
  • Jordan Acres School Page 1 | Page 2
    “In these days of computers and handheld electronic games, CREA is working hard to bring kids and families back into the natural world, encouraging them to become stewards of our dwindling forests and wildlife.”
  • Longfellow School
    “We fell in love with the facility, the surroundings, the philosophy, the training and the people! We kept going back!”
  • Coffin School
    “As one of my teaching partners explained to our principal, the experience with CREA was not only essential to our science curriculum… it WAS our pond unit!”
  • Williams-Cone School Teacher Debra Dunn
    “It is obvious that these experiences provided a connection to ecology that a text book or my teacher-lead lessons could never have done. My students are “experiencing” science.”
  • Williams-Cone School Teacher Dawn San Pedro
    “This reinforced to me the power of hands-on learning… In one day the students learned more than I could have taught them in two weeks.”
  • John Lortie – Vice President, Stantec
    “You have created a place where learning about science is fun and exciting, which is critical to engaging young scientists.”
  • Morse High School
    “Rick Wilson and CREA offered their full support of my students and provided an environment where my students could conduct meaningful field work, which was regarded by many students as their favorite and most worthwhile component of the course.”
  • Mt. Ararat High School Teacher Michael Cooney
    “As a result of the exposure to CREA I have had several students participate in summer programs at CREA, take on independent science fair projects, and pursue post-secondary training in the natural sciences.”
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe School Principal
    “When I asked some of the students what they thought of the experience many commented, “It was the best field trip ever!”
  • Brunswick Superintendent of Schools
    “Your multi-cultural approach makes your work relevant not just to science, but all subjects, from English and the Arts to Social Studies and Math.”
  • Brunswick High Environmental Science Teacher Emily Jacesko
    “The students had the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom from an experienced tracker, which was unforgettable for them.”