About Us

The Cathance River Education Alliance (CREA) is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Maine with tax-exempt status under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Service, Section 501(c)(3). CREA was formed in 2000 following an agreement between Central Topsham Associates, LLC and the citizens’ group Topsham’s Future to establish the 235-acre Cathance River Preserve. Immediately after the agreement the two organizations formed CREA to encourage the use of the Preserve for ecological education. CREA has evolved into a membership organization with a duly elected Board, an Executive Director, officers, and several Committees, including Education, Trails, and Finance.

Mission Statement

To foster the wise use of the Cathance River Nature Preserve; to deepen ecological awareness through nature-based learning among students, educators, and the public; and to promote environmental stewardship.

Goals & Actions

Encourage and assist area schools, teachers, students, and administrators to develop environmental education curricula, workshops, and in-classroom activities. Use organized student visits to the Cathance River Preserve and the Cathance River Ecology Center as hands-on teaching resources to emphasize the value of understanding our natural environment. Encourage and support future stewards of the Preserve and the Cathance River.

  • Foster wise use of the Cathance River Preserve and the Cathance Corridor. Oversee the trails and the Ecology Center.
  • Develop programs that educate the general public about ecology, environmental preservation, and sustainable living. Foster an appreciation for local natural resources and meaningful cross-generational interaction.
  • Maintain and enhance constructive relationships with the Preserve owner, Highland Green, and the holder of the conservation easement, Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust.
  • Establish working relationships with other environmental organizations to generate awareness and support for the Alliance, for the preservation of the Cathance River Corridor, and for the broader educational mission of the Cathance River Education Alliance.