Additional Ways to Support CREA

Become a member and give annually

Your Annual Fund gift will help to support the CREA programs that need it most. We currently have hundreds of members just like you!

Leave a Bequest or a Charitable Annuity

Members who make planned gifts receive recognition in our annual report and invitations to special events and activities. CREA has benefited from a number of such gifts, and yours could help perpetuate our service to the community.


We often accept gifts of stock. This is another easy way to help support CREA. Contact us and we will send you the necessary information that makes this process as easy as writing a check.

Pay a Tribute

Honor a special friend or relative with a gift to the natural world by requesting donations be made to CREA.

Have Your Workplace Match Your Gift

Both small businesses and corporations like to often match employee contributions. Sometimes all you have to do is ask or check with your HR department and your workplace could help maximize your giving.

Have CREA Benefit from Purchases

By selecting CREA from Amazon’s Smile (regular or Prime) program, Amazon will donate 0.5% of all of your purchases to CREA. To sign up:

For more details, email us at

Giving Smarter

The lifeblood of any non-profit is the generosity of its donors. In turn, donors can feel good about supporting an organization that embraces their passions and beliefs. But donors also get something else …. a tax deduction. Taking a small bite out of the tax bill feels pretty good, so as you consider your charitable donations, please take a moment to plan your giving by taking full advantage of the help Uncle Sam is offering. Here are some suggestions:

Giving Appreciated Stock or Mutual Funds: With the market on the mend, consider donating appreciated stocks, mutual funds or other securities. Your charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes is based on the full fair market value of the securities, but the cost to you is only your original purchase price.
Donor-advised fund: Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Vanguard, and several other low cost providers make starting a donor-advised fund easy. These programs give donors the advantage of a year-end charitable deduction and the ability to recommend several recipient organizations throughout the coming years.
Life insurance: Another hidden asset that you can give instead of cash is a paid-up life insurance policy whose coverage you no longer need.

There are other valuable long-term planning strategies that will allow you to impact a charitable organization for many years.
These strategies can be very simple – such as designating a non-profit as the partial or full beneficiary of your IRA, or more involved, such as purchasing a charitable gift annuity, funding a charitable trust, or bequeathing part of your estate.

The economic downturn has affected everyone. Charitable organizations feel the sting as donations tend to take a back seat to other needs. That said, the will to give is as strong as ever in our community. Ask how you can ‘give smarter’ and we can connect you with a volunteer to assist in your planning.